10 Types of Animal Print Shoes Everyone Should Own (2023)

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Long live the animal print trend. Embrace your wild side and choose a signature print. Animal prints aren’t just for scarves or handbags. They can make a serious statement on your feet as well.

You have virtually the entire animal kingdom to choose from – with cheetah, zebra, cow print, and tiger, to name but a few.

10 Types of Animal Print Shoes Everyone Should Own (1)Various animal prints including cheetah, giraffe, tiger, zebra, leopard, dalmatian, cattle, and jaguar (Credit: LenaSunagatova / Shutterstock)

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the different types of animal print available. There’s something for everyone, whether you want the chicness of Dalmatian or the quirkiness of butterflies.

We’re sharing the must-have animal print shoes that everyone needs to have in their closet, from the classics to the alternatives.

1. Cheetah print

One of the most popular animal prints of all time is cheetah. This print is often confused with leopard print, which we’ll touch on next. What makes cheetah different is that it’s a more subtle animal print and is cooler in tone than a leopard.

A Cheetah print also has black spots instead of the brown and black ones that you’ll see on leopard print. If you’re looking for a minimalistic animal print for your shoes, check out these “Martin” loafers by Aquazzura.

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Aquazzura ‘Martin’ Flat Loafers, $895 at Farfetch

10 Types of Animal Print Shoes Everyone Should Own (2)Cheetah prints have solid black spots as seen in Aquazzura’s Martin flat loafers

2. Leopard print

By comparison, leopard print is a more common choice within the fashion industry. This print has a warmer undertone and features black spots with a brown in-fill.

What we love about leopard print is its versatility. You can easily dress this print up or down, depending on the occasion.

Nine West ‘Trendz’ Pointed-Toe Pump, $89 at Nordstrom

10 Types of Animal Print Shoes Everyone Should Own (3)Featuring irregular, clustered rosettes, you can easily pair these leopard-print shoes with dresses or jeans

You need at least one pair of leopard print heels in your closet. The “Trendz” pointed-toe pump by Nine West gives you the classic leopard print with the functionality of a block heel.

3. Zebra print

Zebra print is a neutral-wearing girl’s best friend. It’s a subtle animal print that makes a statement in black and white. Just like leopard, this animal print is a timeless choice that comes back in the latest trends every season.

Zebra Block-Heeled Mules, $59 at Nasty Gal

10 Types of Animal Print Shoes Everyone Should Own (4)Minimalist yet striking, Nasty Gal’s zebra-print mules come in faux leather and feature about 3.5-inch block heels

If you’re not ready to commit to head-to-toe animal print, experiment with zebra print shoes. Nasty Gal’s Zebra block-heeled mules are on top of our wishlist for spring and summer.

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4. Cow print

Are you a fan of zebra print but want to try something bolder? Cow print is the one for you. You can channel your inner cowgirl and embrace the bohemian chicness of the print. It’s easy to think of cow print as being a micro trend, but it’s a quirkier take on the classic leopard and zebra prints.

Vans ‘Vault OG’ Cow-Print Sneakers, $119 at Farfetch

10 Types of Animal Print Shoes Everyone Should Own (5)For a touch of quirk, add these bold cow-printed sneakers to your laid-back outfit

Cow print was a major trend for fall 2021 and we’re excited to see where it goes this year. Ready to add it to your closet? Check out these throwback cow-print sneakers by Vans.

5. Crocodile print

It’s easy to think that animal prints are bold – but they don’t have to be. If you prefer a more understated and elevated look, experiment with crocodile print.

This animal print trend is one that you’ll see everywhere this year. What makes this print different is that it’s as much about the texture as it is the look.

Michael Michael Kors ‘Scarlett’ Crocodile-effect Ballerina Shoes, $204 at Farfetch

10 Types of Animal Print Shoes Everyone Should Own (6)Understated but chic, these Michael Kors Scarlett ballet flats come in chestnut brown crocodile print that can elevate any look

You can find crocodile print in every color of the rainbow, whether your heart bleeds pastels or if you’re a neutral lover. The “Scarlett” crocodile-print ballerina by Michael Kors is a classic style that you’ll reach for every day.

6. Snake print

While snake print isn’t getting the same attention as cow’s print, it still deserves a space in your closet. Snakeskin is one animal print that will never go out of style. It’s just as timeless as crocodile print but offers an edgier feel.

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Christian Louboutin ‘Kate’ Snakeskin Pump, $775 at Mytheresa

10 Types of Animal Print Shoes Everyone Should Own (7)An iconic Louboutin silhouette, these Kate pumps are timeless in pristine white snake-embossed leather

What we love about snakeskin shoes is that they can instantly transform your look and take it to the next level. Louboutin’s white “Kate” snakeskin pumps are the perfect splurge purchase for your closet.

7. Lizard print

Lizard print is a go-to choice for those who love both crocodile and snakeskin prints. It gives you the best of both worlds with the texture of crocodile but the look of snakeskin.

Kurt Geiger ‘Maddox 2’ Chain-Detail Vegan-Leather Loafers, $114 at Selfridges

10 Types of Animal Print Shoes Everyone Should Own (8)Chunky chains and heels give these classic lizard loafer silhouette a contemporary upgrade

If you want subtle detailing that effortlessly elevates your look, you want to invest in lizard print shoes. Kurt Geiger’s “Maddox 2” loafers use vegan leather with a lizard print texture for everyday wear.

8. Reptile print

How is reptile print different than snakeskin, you might ask? While snakeskin is a type of reptile, what we consider ‘reptile print’ within the fashion industry typically has more scales and a rougher texture.

Superga Reptile-Print Light Brown Sneakers, $87

10 Types of Animal Print Shoes Everyone Should Own (9)Featuring an all-over reptile print, these Superga sneakers will offer a playful yet fierce addition to your wardrobe

You don’t have to be a high-heel wearer to appreciate reptile print. Superga’s reptile print sneakers prove that it is possible to wear animal print every day.

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9. Butterfly print

Perhaps the most unique animal print of them all is the butterfly. Thanks to brands like Sophia Webster, butterflies aren’t just a print for children’s fashion.

This whimsical print is perfect for those who prefer a more feminine aesthetic while still wanting to be outspoken with their fashion choices.

Downtown Dive Butterfly-Print Booties, $55 Dolls Kill

10 Types of Animal Print Shoes Everyone Should Own (10)Whimsical butterfly prints add feminine flair to these chunky peep-toe booties

Dolls Kill’s “Downton Dive” heels blend masculinity and femininity with a peep-toe ankle boot complete with butterfly prints.

10. Dalmatian print

Channel your inner Cruella with a hundred and one spots. Dalmatian is the more elevated sister of cow’s print, making it an ideal choice for those who want a more refined look.

Sticking to the classic white with black dots look of dalmatian can help you create a transitional closet that works for every season – and occasion.

Amina Muaddi ‘Marni’ Dalmatian-Print Mules, $1,125 at Nordstrom and Farfetch

10 Types of Animal Print Shoes Everyone Should Own (11)Cute and quirky, these Amina Muaddi Marni mules feature Dalmatian prints and crystal buckle fastenings

Dalmatian print is amongst the most wearable on this list and is a perfect entryway into wearing animal prints. Amina Muaddi, the darling of luxury footwear, even added dalmatian print mules to her latest collection.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate pair of dalmatian print shoes, these are them. Its minimalism means that dalmatian print is effortlessly chic and wearable every day.

There’s an animal print for everyone. It’s all about finding the one that works with your personal style and making it your signature. These 10 animal prints are ones that everyone needs in their closet.

Which of these animal prints will you be adding to your shoe closet?


What is the most popular animal print? ›

The most popular animal prints are leopard, zebra, cheetah and tiger, although snakeskin print has topped the style list as well.

What are the different types of animal prints? ›

Types of prints
  • Cow. First appearing at the AW18 catwalks, cow print consists of irregular, roundish shapes of black colour printed on a white background. ...
  • Crocodile. ...
  • Giraffe. ...
  • Hyena. ...
  • Jaguar. ...
  • Leopard. ...
  • Peacock. ...
  • Snake.

How many types of animal prints are there? ›

15 Types Of Animal Print.

Does leopard print shoes go with everything? ›

In the fashion world, leopard print is considered a neutral color, which means that it can be paired with just bout any color and pattern. Leopard print flats, heels, and booties are also versatile, and can easily become casual or dressy, depending on what you pair them with.

Is animal print Still in Style 2022? ›

As we prepare for a new fall and winter season, it's safe to say that leopard print is still an important fashion trend. In fact, I feel comfortable with telling you leopard as well as most other animal-inspired prints (cheetah, zebra, giraffe, etc), are making a splash this season.

What are the 5 major types of prints? ›

Prints can fall in to one of several broad categories:
  • Intaglio Printmaking. An intaglio print is one where the image is printed from a recessed design incised or etched into the surface of a plate. ...
  • Relief Printmaking. ...
  • Lithography. ...
  • Serigraphy (Screen Printing) ...
  • Monotype.

What animal has 3 toe prints? ›

Duck: If you see a three-toed print with an outline between each toe, you are likely looking at the webbed foot of a duck track. Ducks usually walk or run, so they will leave behind single, regularly spaced footprints.

What are the four types of print? ›

The most widely used print processes are surface, flexographic (flexo), gravure and screen. It is important to recognize that each process is capable of yielding attractive, stylized and salable products.

Can you wear 2 different animal prints? ›


Stick with one print per outfit. You don't want to look out of balance and wearing more than one animal print can do just that. It is very rare that someone can pull off two or more animal prints, the majority of us struggle with one print.

What animal has 5 paw prints? ›

Tracks left by the family Mustelidae (weasel, badger, mink, skunk, and otter) can be identified by five toes both on the front and hind foot. There most likely will also be visible claw marks. Animals such as a bear, beaver or opossum will also leave a track with five toes on the front and back.

What animal has 4 toes? ›

Four toes:

Canines, cats, and birds all have four toes. Canine and cat tracks look very similar, but bird tracks have a very distinct pattern.

What does wearing leopard print say about you? ›

More often than not, leopard people have had their fair share of struggles (perhaps a smidge more) and are working to regain their balance and direction in life. You have a great host of innate talents available to you – you're intuitive, artistically inclined, and, perhaps, spiritual with a fondness for mysticism.

What does it mean when someone wears leopard print? ›

Leopard print does not involve the slaughter of rare animals and is valued for its eye-catching quality. When used in female clothing it can signify independence, confidence, sexuality and nonconformity, depending on the nature of the clothing or accessory.

How do you wear leopard print without looking trashy? ›

Treat leopard print like a neutral and use it that way in your outfits. In fact, leopard print is three neutrals: black, brown and khaki. So anywhere you'd add a dose of one of those colors, you can safely use leopard print instead. If you'd normally wear a brown belt, switch it out for leopard print.

What trends are out for 2022? ›

15 Fashion Trends That Are Out In 2022
  • Skinny jeans. atdigit/Shutterstock. ...
  • Neutral colors. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images. ...
  • Midi skirts. Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images. ...
  • Camo. Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images. ...
  • Cold-shoulder tops. Victoria Chudinova/Shutterstock. ...
  • Unsustainable clothes. Halfpoint/Shutterstock. ...
  • Tunics. ...
  • Mirrored sunglasses.
10 Oct 2022

What is trendy right now 2022? ›

Spotlight-stealing attire with a joyous mood is taking over ahead of the holidays, from vivid colors and prints to bold silhouettes like bubble dresses, volume tops, cut-outs galore, and ultra-low rises on pants and skirts. Accessories are in on the fun, too.

What are 3 famous animals? ›

Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog, and Garfield have brought joy to generations, while real animals such as Ham the chimp and Balto the Siberian husky are regarded as heroes. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

What is the least liked animal in the world? ›

Hyena. The hyena is the first to start off our list of the top 25 most hated mammals known to man. Though primarily a scavenger, the hyena can also hunt for prey if there's not enough carrion (dead animals) around.

What are the 9 types of print media? ›

Print media advertising is physically printed media including newspapers, magazines, posters and billboards and direct mail.
  • Newspapers and Weeklies. ...
  • Consumer and Trade Magazines. ...
  • Billboards and Posters. ...
  • Direct Mail: Letters and Postcards. ...
  • Print Media Selection.

What are the 6 major types of printing? ›

  • Digital Printing. Digital printing is the reproduction of digital images on to physical surfaces. ...
  • Flexography. Flexography, often abbreviated to flexo, is a method of printing most commonly used for packaging. ...
  • Lithographic (Offset) Printing. ...
  • Rotogravure (Gravure) ...
  • Large format printing. ...
  • 3D Printing. ...
  • Screen Printing.
4 Feb 2020

What is the most common type of print? ›

Offset printing, also known as offset lithography, is one of the most popular and common forms of printing. The prints we see on books, newspapers, magazines, and broachers are actually made by offset printing.

What animal has 7 toes? ›

One of the polydactyl cats at the Ernest Hemingway House in Key West, Florida. This particular cat has seven (two extra) toes on each paw.

What are a tiger's paw prints? ›

A tiger's paw prints are called pug marks, which are individualistic like human finger prints. No two tigers have the same pug marks.

What do fox footprints look like? ›

Fox tracks look like other types of canine footprints. The pests have four toes and a distinct triangular paw pad. Though similar to coyotes, fox prints tend to be narrower. They are symmetrical and typically appear in a straight line due to the animal's alternating gait.

What are the 10 types of printer? ›

Here are the different types of printers to help you narrow down your search based on your needs.
  • Inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are the de-facto standard for consumer/home-use printers. ...
  • Laser printers. ...
  • All-in-one printers. ...
  • Supertank printers. ...
  • Dye-sublimation printers. ...
  • Dot matrix printers. ...
  • 3D printers.
21 Sept 2021

What are 4 color prints? ›

Four-color printing means that four different ink colors are used to create a range of printable colors. The "four-color" in "four-color printing" refers to the four ink colors—cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK)—used in offset printing presses and many digital presses.

Which type of printing is best? ›

Top 10 Printing Process:
  • Screen Printing: When it comes to quality, screen printing is one of the best types of printing processes in the industry. ...
  • Offset Printing: ...
  • Moulded Printing: ...
  • DTG: ...
  • Sublimation Printing: ...
  • Transfer Paper Printing: ...
  • Gravure printing:
29 Oct 2021

Can you still wear leopard print in 2022? ›

Well... the answer is a big YES. Leopard print is a timeless fashion print that lasts season after season. From classic-cut dresses to coats or shoes, leopard print fabrics are used year after year to bring a touch of animal print into our wardrobe.

What season do you wear animal prints? ›

Animal prints can look just as beautiful during the summer because it works as a neutral base, and can be worked into most looks, whether you opt to go bold with leopard print trousers, or prefer a more subtle approach with shoes or accessories.

Is it OK to wear animal print to a zoo? ›

It's easier than you might think! We'll start with the obvious – prints. You can incorporate animal print from leopard or cheetah, zebra or giraffe, reptile scales or cow spots into your belt, skirt, dress, pants, watches, shirts or shoes.

Do cats leave 2 or 4 footprints? ›

Even though cats have four legs, when they walk, they leave what look like single file prints- one line of prints — not two, one right in line with the others.

What animal has 16 toes? ›

Perissodactyla - horses, rhinoceroses, tapirs.

What animal footprint has 2 toes? ›

Deer, Moose, and Elk

The hooves are split with two toes – some toes curve and form a heart-shape, others are round and leave a round or square-shaped print behind. Hooved animals leave staggered tracks because, like canines and felines, they are diagonal walkers.

What animal has 4 legs 8 eyes? ›

These eyes are large to both allow as much light in as possible and also allow for a wide field of vision. Eyes aren't the only thing spiders have eight of. Spiders also have eight legs arranged in four pairs.

What is a 5 legged animal called? ›

One of the world's best loved and iconic animals has been keeping a secret. It turns out kangaroos may be the world's only “pentapedal” animals, effectively having five legs.

What animals have no feet? ›

Animals With No Legs
  • Sea Lions. Steller sea lions | source: Olympic National Park. ...
  • Walruses. walrus laying on rocks. ...
  • Legless Lizard. credit: Morteza Johari via Flickr. ...
  • Caecilians. Aquatic caecilian | image by Aaron Gustafson via Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0. ...
  • Snails. ...
  • Fish. ...
  • Jellyfish. ...
  • Snakes.

Does leopard print ever go out of style? ›

5. Animal Print. Leopard is definitely having a moment right now, but animal print in general (leopard, cheetah, zebra,snakeskin, even butterflies!) will forever be a classic.

What is the difference between leopard print and jaguar print? ›

Like the leopard the pattern on it's fur consists of rosettes, a dark circle with a brown center, on a sandy coloured base. But unlike the leopard, the jaguars rosettes can have an extra dark brown spot in the centre of the rosette, something the leopard never has.

Is leopard print feminine? ›

In his 1954 manual, The Little Dictionary of Fashion, Christian Dior famously wrote that “to wear leopard you must have a kind of femininity which is a little bit sophisticated. If you are fair and sweet, don't wear it.” And so the connotations have always been that it's sexy, a bit raunchy, a bit daring, a bit wild.

Can I wear cheetah print to a wedding? ›

Just say no to the leopard, zebra, and giraffe print. (Seriously, I've seen it.) I'm not saying you need to dress as Plain Jane, but in-your-face animal prints are likely to draw attention to you, meaning you're taking attention away from the bride.

What does a female leopard symbolize? ›

Leopard symbolism and meaning includes strength, agility, stealth, elusiveness, perception, self-reliance, authenticity, and rare beauty. Leopards live in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Russia.

Can you wear leopard print with any color? ›

Whether it's a skirt, top, cardigan or jacket, leopard prints can work well with a myriad of colours. A warm rich brown leopard print blends well with other warm, saturated colours – yellow, orange, olive and turquoise. Any neutrals like brown, gold, white or beige will also pair well.

Is animal print in Style 2022 summer? ›

Is leopard print in style summer 2022? Yes, leopard print is in fashion for summer 2022.

Is it tacky to wear leopard print to a wedding? ›

Animal Prints

Animal print dresses are purr-fect for a fiery date night or a Thursday happy hour, but they don't belong at a formal function. Opting for an animal print can potentially distract people from the bride—plus, as Da Vinci Bridal noted on their blog, the style does not photograph well.

What animal print is in style 2022? ›

The biggest animal prints trend for 2022 is Zebra and Tiger.

What animal is used most in logos? ›

Lions are one of the most common animals for logos because they're synonymous with strength and power — especially when they roar, which the MGM lion is famous for.

What are the top 3 animals used in research? ›

Animals In Science

Twenty-two percent of all regulated animals used in labs are guinea pigs, by far the most used animal in research and testing, followed by rabbits (17%) and hamsters (11%).

Is animal print in Style 2022 Summer? ›

Is leopard print in style summer 2022? Yes, leopard print is in fashion for summer 2022.

What trends are coming back in 2022? ›

The Fall 2022 Trends Vogue Editors Are Shopping Now
  • Ultra-Baggy Denim. Balenciaga cotton baggy jeans. ...
  • Leather Jackets: The Epitome of Cool. ...
  • Punk Prep. ...
  • Saturated and Strokable Knits. ...
  • Bigger, Better Bomber Jackets. ...
  • The White-Tank-and-Blue-Jean Formula. ...
  • Floor-Skimming Hemlines. ...
  • Tailored Waistcoats.
19 Aug 2022

What animals represent luxury? ›

Hospitality. Animal symbols: peacocks, foxes, pheasants, ostriches. Symbolic meaning: reliability, luxury, a dash of character.

What 4 things make a good logo? ›

What Makes A Good Logo? # A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic and simple in form, and it conveys the owner's intended message. A concept or “meaning” is usually behind an effective logo, and it communicates the intended message.

What is the most common animal model? ›

Mice and rats make up approximately 95% of all laboratory animals, with mice the most commonly used animal in biomedical research.

Is animal testing illegal? ›

Unfortunately, there's no ban on testing cosmetics or household products on animals in the U.S., so companies that make and sell their products here can choose to conduct tests on animals. Find out more here.

Is killing an animal abuse? ›

Animal cruelty involves gratuitously inflicting harm, injuring, or killing an animal. The cruelty can be intentional, such as kicking, burning, stabbing, beating, or shooting; or it can involve neglect, such as depriving an animal of water, shelter, food, and necessary medical treatment.

What is not in style for 2022? ›

What is out of style for 2022? High waisted jeans, high waisted pants, high waist tennis skirts, skater skirts, knit pants, skinny jeans, hoodie sets, short blazers, leggings, fur coats, cropped leather jacket, A-style mini dresses, and cold shoulders tops are some of the clothes that are not in anymore.

What are the print trends for 2023? ›

  • Think high colour, busy repeats and mich-match.
  • Joyful expressive designs.
  • Hyperreal prints.
  • For florals, opt for expressive and colourful markings – the more artistic the better.
  • Insta-ready looks that pop will offer the perfect way to peacock, onscreen and in real life.

What are consumers looking for in 2022? ›

In 2022, consumers want to feel a stronger connection with brands, be part of a community, and get more value from their purchasing experiences.


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