15 Best AI-Powered NFT Creator Apps and NFT Art Generators (2023)

With the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) growing by leaps and bounds, more and more apps to create NFT art are hitting the market, allowing anyone to create unique works of art and potentially profit from their sale. Best of all, with AI-generated NFTs, no paintbrush is needed.

In this guide, you’ll learn all about AI NFTs and how to choose the best NFT creator app for your specific needs. We’ll also dive into some of today’s top AI art generators and get a heads-up on which ones to avoid and which ones might be right for your artistic vision.

What Are AI-Generated NFTs?

AI-generated NFTs are software designed to generate NFTs quickly using base art for text or sample images. Sometimes, they’re called AI art generators, due to the AI-based software.

Since coming out in 2014, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gained plenty of traction, creating a $24 billion marketplace. Not long after, in 2018, AI-generated NFTs began appearing. Today, art created entirely by artificial intelligence is being touted as the “next big thing.”

A collection of AI-generated NFTs created by Botto, a robot artist, recently sold for over $1 million, and some generative art NFTs almost perfectly resemble Monet, van Gogh and other artists of note. In the end, however, AI-generated NFTs are completely unique pieces that transcend the limits of creativity beyond the human touch.

Artificial intelligence is widely understood as the ability of a non-human machine to perform sophisticated tasks and human-like cognitive functions, such as learning, reasoning, perceiving and problem-solving.

When it comes to creating art, the concept of AI is based on the notion that machine learning algorithms can produce original, unique images when trained to parse through massive amounts of image data using GANs, which is short for general adversarial networks. Similar to a painter who has spent years perfecting their craft, AI can learn from intense training to generate original images never before produced.

With one of today’s best NFT generators, you simply need to enter keywords or phrases to create an AI NFT. Using algorithms, an AI art generator analyzes endless pieces of art and creates its own images as unique visual interpretations of the original texts.

This allows AI NFT app users to produce new abstract pieces of art that are based on chosen texts or images. The AI-generated work can then be minted directly to OpenSea, knowing there will never be another NFT like it.

How to Choose the Best AI-Powered NFT Creator Apps and Art Generators

As you can imagine, there are several things to consider when choosing the best NFT creator app. Although deciding on the best NFT generator will largely depend on the type of AI NFT you want to create, here are some important factors worth keeping in mind.


User-friendliness is key when trying to create NFT art, especially for those new to the process. The best apps to create NFT art feature intuitive, beginner-friendly platforms anyone can use to create original works of art.

Editing Capacity

The best NFT creator apps also provide solid editing capabilities. While some AI art generators only allow for basic color grading, others offer users full control in terms of image manipulation.

Tools and Templates

When deciding on the best NFT generator for your needs, check to see if the software comes with tools and templates to make the job easier. Unlimited tools often lead to unlimited creativity, and more is sometimes better than less.


Lastly, check to see if the software applies its watermark when you export it. Some AI art generator apps automatically splash their watermark over their users’ art. The best NFT generators don’t use such programmed watermarks, ensuring your work won’t feature someone else’s branding.

There are many options worth considering when researching the best NFT creator apps. What’s important is to understand your needs and account for the factors above while selecting the best NFT generator software for you.

Best AI-Powered NFT Creator Apps and Art Generators

1. DeepAI

If your idea of the best NFT creator app is one that’s simple, nimble and easy to use, then DeepAI might be worth checking out. However, when you also consider the fact that DeepAI is completely free, it’s clearly worth a long, hard look.

As an AI art generator from text, DeepAI takes the keyword or phrase you input and outputs a unique image from scratch that’s based on the text description. Unfortunately, the image output isn’t the most accurate. However, since it is free, and features a simple and straightforward user interface, it’s great for beginning artists and deserves being mentioned on this best NFT generator list.


• Free

• Simple and straightforward UI

• Good for beginners


• Image accuracy could be better

2. StarryAI

Unlike many other apps used to create NFT art, StarryAI stands out by not asking users for input. Instead, it processes images using a machine learning algorithm for the best possible output.

Also, unlike standard online AI NFT generators, Starry gives its users full ownership of the images they create, for both personal and commercial uses. While the AI used by StarryAI isn’t as advanced as Hotpot.ai and some other software on this list of best NFT creator apps, it’s improving daily, and is still better than many other AI art generators.

That said, if your idea of the best NFT generator is one that doesn’t charge you for its service, you may want to look elsewhere, because StarryAI charges a recurring fee for its service. However, if you’re unhappy with StarryAI and don’t think it’s the best NFT creator app ever, you can cancel the service and claim a refund.


• Completely autonomous

• Doesn’t require user input

• Users have full ownership of images

• Constantly learning and improving from scanning images folder


• Recurring fee

• AI is not the most advanced

3. NightCafe Creator


is the best NFT generator for creating bulk art. Using advanced AI and a machine learning technique known as

neural style transfer

, it helps users create amazing digital art by converting uploaded images to any of the art styles chosen within the AI NFT app.

(Video) How to Generate MINDBLOWING A.I. Art in 5 Minutes!!!

Since NightCafe is widely considered the best NFT creator app for bulk art, the simplicity in its design and digital creation process shouldn’t be surprising. Just upload an image, choose from the various art styles available within the software, and let the AI art generator take care of the rest.

Not only will it create awe-inspiring, high-resolution artworks up to 2.2 megapixels, but the bulk-creation mode lets you create hundreds of images simultaneously. With so much to offer, it’s easy to see why NightCafe is one of the most popular apps for creating NFT art on the market today.


• Great for creating bulk art

• Excellent AI

• High-resolution finish

• Designed for desktop and mobile

• Free edition is available


• Must buy or earn credits at $0.08/credit and $0.20/credit to continue creating

4. Fotor


is arguably the best NFT creator app for creating NFT art. Ideal for anyone wanting to create NFT art with minimal effort, the Fotor AI art generator offers advanced AI tools to create digital art with just a few clicks. Currently one of the most user-friendly apps for creating NFT art, the learning curve for this software is virtually nonexistent.

Similar to NightCafe and a few of the other top NFT generators on this list, using the Fotor AI NFT generator simply requires you to upload an image and select the style of art you want to convert the image to.

That’s really all there is to it. Creating layers, brushing up and adding personal touches can also be performed with nothing more than the click of a button. Furthermore, unlike many of the other apps for creating NFT art, Fotor doesn’t require its users to register an account in order to use the software and download the created artwork.


• Easy learning curve

• Create NFT art in a few clicks

• Wide variety of art styles and editing options to choose from

• No account registration required


• Poor file management functions

5. Pons.ai


stands out on this best NFT generator list as both an NFT generator and an AI-powered social marketplace, specifically for NFT and physical art products.

In a nutshell, it’s an “AI-powered Amazon and Instagram” for celebrity and art NFTs. However, the AI NFT platform also connects buyers and sellers of physical art, and offers global shipping for physical works in an effort to help artists and patrons transition to the digital art world.

As another of today’s best NFT creator apps, PONS.ai is also the first AI art generator to utilize “Scan & Buy” AI vision technology for art. The people behind this AI NFT app want to empower artists to achieve financially sustainable careers, and it shows — both in the technology used, and the approach they take.


• AI-powered NFT generator and social marketplace

• “Scan & Buy” AI vision technology

• VR studio


• Somewhat more focused on selling than creating

6. Hotpot.ai


is one of the best NFT generators available in terms of automated features. With Hotpot, you can create amazing AI NFT art from your imagination or customize current NFTs by enhancing colors, graphic features, and more.

(Video) How To Make Generative NFTs With A.I. Step-by-Step

Even if you completely lack the creative gene, Hotpot.ai makes it possible to take part in the NFT movement. As one of the best NFT creator apps, it generates unbelievable art combinations for you.

Best of all, unlike several other apps to create NFT art, Hotpot is simple, fast and scalable. Its users can create NFTs one at a time, or mass-produce them to create NFT collections — and take the market by storm with minimal time and effort, thanks to AI and automation.


• Powerful AI technology

• Wonderful automation features

• NFT collection maker

• Affordable plans starting from $10/month


• Plans can get pricey, depending on your needs

7. Deep Dream Generator

This AI art generator is unique, and is one of the best NFT creator apps. It targets not just one or two, but a variety of art and painting styles, such as da Vinci, van Gogh and Munch, to name just a few.

In addition to Deep Dream, Deep Style and Thin Style functions, you can also choose from other settings such as enhancement, color preservation, iterations boost, and more. You can even adjust the image resolution and depth.

If your idea of the best NFT generator is one that will unleash your “inner Monet” and create impressive paintings of any genre, then Deep Dream Generator shouldn’t disappoint. Do note, however, that the free version is limited to a certain number of uses, while paid plans start at $9/month.


• Excellent UI

• Great for creating NFT art paintings

• Dozens of painting and art styles to choose from

• Plenty of editing features


• Free version has limited usage

• Registration required

8. WOMBO Dream

The Dream AI NFT creator app by Canadian startup WOMBO became a viral hit toward the end of 2021, and has continued to evolve into what many consider one of the best all-around NFT creator apps.

Far from being a glorified filter app, Dream does much more than transform existing photos into cartoonish caricatures or faux paintings. Instead, Dream’s AI art generator uses a complex algorithm involving exposure to an immense number of diverse images to transform words or phrases into unique, completely original artwork.

Similar to the Deep Dream Generator and other top NFT generator options, you can choose from a variety of art styles. However, you can also choose futuristic Synthwave landscapes for a truly surreal Dali-esque look.


• Impressive AI technology

• Fun and whimsical to use

• Great for surreal designs

• Shareable

• Completely free


• Unable to export in high-resolution

9. Dall•E

Dall•E is a surprisingly powerful AI NFT image generator from text. Like some of the other best NFT generators out there, it automatically generates images according to the words you input. What’s different about Dall•E, however, is the amount of detail it can pack into the images it creates. This is of course no surprise given that Dall•E is created by OpenAI, the renowned research laboratory co-founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman

As one of the best NFT creator apps utilizing this technology model, the AI generated images it creates are some of the best in the business and have more detail than you might imagine. That said, the success rate largely depends on exact phrasing.

Just one look at the Dall•E website illustrates this point. It showcases example images created from detailed sentences and descriptions to highlight the types of visual illustrations the AI NFT software can create. You can even change the text on the website yourself to see first-hand what the tool can do.


(Video) SuperMachine Review (A.i Image Generator ) | Best Alternative to Jasper Art

• Can accurately generate images of almost anything

• Very flexible, fast and efficient

• End-user monitoring

• Free content filters

• Reasonable pricing


• Success rate depends on exact phrasing

• Limited usage availability in some countries

10. Big Sleep

Big Sleep is the best NFT creator app developed completely from Python. Unlike other AI NFT generators, it was made as a command line tool, due to the simple, straightforward nature of its design.

Nonetheless, as with some of the best NFT generators above, Big Sleep also utilizes GAN technology for image processing. Similar to a visual version of AI using text generation, the Big Sleep AI NFT software can take any text prompt and create a visualization to fit the words.

The software generates a wide variety of images and concepts so well that objects appear fairly clear at 500+ pixel resolution, which is something not many other AI art generators can boast. Unfortunately, accessing the app can be easier said than done.


• Able to produce high-quality images from text

• Strong combination of image processing and AI technologies

• Simple and streamlined tool


• Difficult to access

11. SketchAR

According to the folks at SketchAR, it was “founded by creators for creators.” Except for all of the desktop users out there, we tend to agree.

Only available as a mobile platform, SketchAR is different from the best NFT creator apps we’ve discussed so far in that it lets users convert digital art and photos into AI NFT by using powerful augmented reality technology.

As one of the best NFT generators on the market, SketchAR doesn’t stop there. It also features a handy drawing tool to create digital art, and an active social community with whom to share your ideas and work.

When you add it all up, SketchAR is one of the best mobile apps released for creating NFT art.


• Available as a powerful mobile app

• Cutting-edge AR and AI technology

• Automatically submits AI NFT art to reputable marketplaces

• Active social community


• Not as many style templates to choose from

12. NFT Art Generator

NFT Art Generator

is nimble, lightweight, and won’t take up too much of your computer’s resources. It isn’t the absolute best NFT generator or NFT creator app from a results standpoint, but it’s easy to get the hang of its interface, and it will have you generating AI NFT art within minutes.

NFT Art Generator also lets you export the digital art you create in different formats, including PNG, GIF and MT4 formats. Like other apps for creating NFT art, it can be used to produce multi-layered images.

You don’t even need to log in to begin using the AI NFT Art Generator and create your masterpiece. However, like several of the best NFT creator apps listed above, the free version is limited, so you need to pay for the full version to unlock any extras.


• Minimal learning curve

• Unlimited previews

(Video) 10 Free Text To Image AI Generator

• Exports in different formats

• No need to log in or create an accountCons:

• Free version is limited

13. NinjaFT

For some, the best NFT generator is one that creates mesmerizing images worthy of being shown at any NYC gallery. For others, it’s one that works on both Android and iOS devices and makes creating NFTs easier than ever with hundreds of templates. If you fall into this second category, NinjaFT may be the best NFT creator app for you.

In most regards, NinjaFT is an excellent AI art generator. Not only does it make creating NFTs fun, with intuitive controls and a ton of different interesting templates to choose from, but it’s also linked to Binance, allowing users to trade directly on Binance Chain.

This last feature is a nice touch, and shows NinjaFT’s commitment to encouraging more participation in NFTs. If you’re searching for apps to create NFT art, this software may be a good place to start.


• Very easy to use

• Tons of templates to choose from

• Linked to the Binance blockchain


• Image results aren’t necessarily the best

14. Appy Pie

With a name like Appy Pie, it has to be good — and it is. Not only is Appy Pie free, which is always nice, but it allows anyone regardless of skill level or talent to create AI NFTs and scale their NFT business.

In fact, with Appy Pie, you can create up to 10,000 NFTs. Of course, there’s no need to code. Like NinjaFT, it’s one of the best NFT creator apps utilizing a template-based system. However, in addition to the power of artificial intelligence and AI NFT templates, Appy Pie also allows users to import graphics and add layers to their designs.

What’s more, the software’s user-friendly design makes creating fantastic NFT graphics easy. Plus, the template creations actually look pretty great, putting Appy Pie right in the middle of any conversation about the best NFT art generators.


• Unique templates

• Easy to scale

• Free to use

• Can create thousands of AI NFTs


• Not great for painting or dreamlike NFT art pieces

15. GoArt


is the best NFT creator app for converting photos into AI NFT art. While it isn’t the best NFT generator for creating surreal dreamscapes, or impressionistic paintings reminiscent of Renoir, the AI software enables the conversion of pictures into realistic works of art using AI and

image classification technology


As far as finished products go, GoArt mixes classic techniques used by famous artists of the past to create wonderful artistic works. It also allows you to export images up to eight megapixels, and to mint the NFTs you create. However, gaining access to premium features will require some in-app purchases.


• Converts photos into art

• Simple and intuitive interface

• Realistic art filters

• Can export and Mint NFTs


• The cost of in-app purchases can add up

The Future of AI and Art

The future of AI and art is limitless. Thanks to artificial intelligence, artists can create unique, complex creations with greater depth and diversity in their compositions.

With continued development in the realm of generative design, many industries — including the art industry — are being transformed. In fact, the best NFT creator apps currently on the market use advancements in generative technology to create completely original AI NFTs that blur the lines between what is real and what’s possible.

(Video) Try NOW: 4 New AI Art Generators (Text To Image AI) | The A.I. Knowledge Show | Ep 9

While traditional art will continue to endure, more and more people will begin using the best NFT generators to create AI art. With continued advancements in technology, AI art will soon take over the art market and become mainstream, similar to music-streaming services today.

The Bottom Line

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular, and so too are the many NFT art generators used to create these modern-day assets and works of art. From text-to-image NFT creators like Dall•E to more advanced NFT art generators like the Deep Dream Generator, there are a number of options when searching for the best NFT creator app. If you’re having trouble deciding on which one to choose, give a few a try and begin minting your very own NFTs today.


What is the best NFT generator? ›

Here are seven trending NFT art generators in 2022:
  • NFT Art Generator.
  • 2.Hotpot.ai.
  • Filmora.
  • Fotor.
  • UniqMyNFT.
  • Appy Pie.
  • nightcafe. studio.

What is the best program to create NFT art? ›

10 Best NFT Design & Creation Tools
  • Illustrator.
  • Photoshop.
  • NightCafe.
  • NFT Creator.
  • Krita.
  • Fotor.
  • SketchAR.
  • Corel.

Can I use AI generated art for NFT? ›

Create AI Generated NFT's

starryai is an AI art generator app which you can use to create NFT's. You simply enter a text prompt and our AI transforms your words into works of art. AI Art generation is usually a laborious process which requires technical expertise, we make that process simple and intuitive.

How much does it cost to create 10000 NFTs? ›

Cost to mint NFTs on Solana

Solana is one of the blockchains that can cater to the creation of 10,000 NFTs. While the platform previously charged only 0.21 cents per NFT, its current fee to mint a single NFT stands at $2.16. At this rate, the cost of minting 10,000 NFT will be over $21,000.

What app can i use to create NFT? ›

8 best apps to create NFT art
  • NFT Creator. NFT Creator in Apple App Store. Source: Apple App Store. ...
  • SketchAR. SketchAR in Apple App Store. Source: Apple App Store. ...
  • GoArt. GoArt in Google Play Store. ...
  • NinjaFT. NinjaFT in Apple App Store. ...
  • SuperMe. SuperMe in Apple App Store. ...
  • Dream by WOMBO. Dream by WOMBO in Apple App Store.
13 Apr 2022

Where can I make NFT art for free? ›

#Go to OpenSea and create a listing. Now, immediately choose Polygon blockchain. #Click on Create NFT. #Enter the price of your NFT collection and click on the 'Complete listing' button to list your NFT on the OpenSea marketplace.

Is Midjourney the best AI art Generator? ›

Midjourney is one of the best AI art generator widely available for common users in 2022.

What AI generator are people using? ›

Dall-E 2. Dall-E 2 is a product of the OpenAI research lab and is the most well-known AI image generator that people think of. It's a closed-off tool with limited access, but for those that can access it, some of the results that it can come up with are incredible.

Can I make money from AI art? ›

W ith the advent of artificial intelligence, anyone can now make unique artworks in seconds and sell them for money. The NFT hype is over, and we're moving on to the next big thing: AI-generated images.

How do you make a 10000 NFT collection? ›

What you'll learn
  1. Understand the basics of the NFT space.
  2. Programmatically create Images & Metadatas.
  3. Upload your Images & Metadatas on IPFS.
  4. Read and write a Smart Contract.
  5. Deploy a Smart Contract on Ethereum or Polygon.
  6. Register your NFT collection on OpenSea.

Can you use wombo art for profit? ›

Wombo is a great way to make some extra money. Wombo is working on the option to create a custom ERC-20 token with your artwork. This is a great option for artists who want to sell their art online! You can sell your Wombo creations as prints, or mint them as NFTs and sell them on the Wombo website.

Is Starry Ai free? ›

starryai is available for free on iOS and Android.

Can I use Canva to create NFT? ›

As stated before, any kind of digital asset can be minted as NFTs. This means you can use any design tool to create NFTs, including Canva.

Can I make NFTs on my phone? ›

It turns out that there are a number of applications to be able to develop NFTs from mobile phones, which can be found in the virtual stores of iPhones and Android. In this note, Infobae has compiled the most popular alternatives so that users can easily create their own work of art.

How much does it cost to create an NFT? ›

On average, the cost of creating NFT ranges from $0.05 to over $150. The cost of creating NFTs depends on various factors such as the cost of blockchain, gas fee, marketplace account fee, listing fee etc. Ethereum and Solana are the most expensive and cheapest blockchain, respectively.

What is lazy minting? ›

Lazy Minting outline

The gas fees for minting are rolled into the same transaction that assigns the NFT to the buyer, so the NFT creator never has to pay to mint. Instead, a portion of the purchase price simply goes to cover the additional gas needed to create the initial NFT record.

What coding language should I learn for NFT? ›

Prerequisites of NFT Programming

Furthermore, you should already know programming languages such as JavaScript and Solidity. JavaScript and Solidity, as well as formats such as JSON, are important in creating smart contracts and interacting with the blockchain.

Where can I design NFT art? ›

To create, buy, or sell an NFT, you'll need to use a special NFT marketplace that supports them. Some popular examples include OpenSea and Rarible. When you purchase an NFT, you'll receive a digital certificate of ownership that's stored on the blockchain. You can then hold onto it, trade it, or even sell it.

Can I create my own NFT? ›

One of the easiest to use is called “MetaMask”. You can download it as a free app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The price requested to create the NFT is highly volatile. Have at least 100$ worth of Ether, but be aware that the minting process could cost you even more, based on the daily operational price.

How do I start NFT with no money? ›

How to Create and Sell NFTs for Free
  1. Connect an ETH Wallet to OpenSea. First, you'll need to connect an Ethereum wallet to OpenSea. ...
  2. Create an OpenSea Collection. ...
  3. Set Up the OpenSea Collection. ...
  4. Pick the Correct Blockchain. ...
  5. Begin Minting NFTs. ...
  6. Profit!
10 Mar 2022

Can photos be sold as NFT? ›

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens, a new way for photographers to sell photos as NFT and also for investors to collect unique pieces that could end up being worth thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars.

Can I sell NFT without gas fee? ›

You can list an NFT for sale without paying any fees (even if you have 0 eths in your wallet ) if you use Mintable Marketplace or Use the Polygon Network on Opensea.

Do NFT creators make money? ›

The content creator can make money on the sale of the NFT, as well as royalties on subsequent sales. NFT investors can buy NFTs and resell them for a profit. That said, it's important to remember that there is never a guarantee of making money from NFTs.

How many copies should I make of my NFT? ›

You only issue one copy of the NFT, which makes it more valuable.

Can a screenshot be an NFT? ›

In conclusion, you can screenshot an NFT. However, it will never be as valuable as the original asset and only reinforces the point that non-fungible tokens are trying to make in the first place – the value of digital scarcity.

Is Midjourney better than Dalle 2? ›

Also, DALL. E 2 produces much better images when it has more than 2 characters, as compared to Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. Midjourney, on other hand, is a tool best known for its artistic style. The image it generates almost never looks like a photo, but painting.

How much does Midjourney cost? ›

Standard Membership ($30/month) offers:

Your available 'fast' time is set to 15 GPU hours (900 GPU minutes) every time you purchase or renew this plan.

Is there a free alternative to Midjourney? ›

There are more than 10 alternatives to Midjourney for Online / Web-based, Linux, Mac, Android and iPhone. The best alternative is Craiyon, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like Midjourney are DALL-E 2, Dall-E, DALL-E FLOW in Google Colab and DiffusionBee.

How do I turn a picture into AI art? ›

How to Generate AI Art Free? Fotor AI art generator provides some free art filters, users can use free art filters to create high-quality artworks. Simply click the button "Make Art Photo Now", upload your photo and choose an art filter to create your AI generated images. Try it out!

Is there a free AI text generator? ›

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost! Free forever, upgrade as you scale!

What is Midjourney? ›

Midjourney is an independent research lab that produces a proprietary artificial intelligence program that creates images from textual descriptions, similar to OpenAI's DALL-E and the open-source Stable Diffusion.

Where can I sell AI-generated images? ›

Shutterstock said it plans to provide compensation to artists whose works were used to train AI image-generating models. Stock image giant Shutterstock is expanding its partnership with OpenAI and will sell AI-generated images on its site.

Can you sell AI art as your own? ›

Sure, you can sell AI-generated art, but in some cases, you'll need to be careful. Not all AI-art generators allow the use and redistribution of AI art for commercial purposes. Let's check out some popular AI art generators to find which ones allow AI images for commercial use, and which ones don't.

Can I sell AI-generated art on Etsy? ›

We've noticed it is usually the first thing that comes to mind when artists and craftspeople are looking to sell their work. As AI-generated art is becoming bigger and more sellers are popping up on Etsy, the site will become the mainstay for AI artwork retailers. Read more about Etsy's History.

How do I make a NFT collection in 5 minutes? ›

The most important part is to write down your secret recovery phrase. And we recommend doing it in

How do I make a NFT file without coding? ›

You can use the NFT collection generator to easily create an NFT collection. There is no need to code anything to generate NFT. All you need to do is use the no code NFT collection generator.

What is the most expensive NFT? ›

17 Most Expensive NFT Sales
  1. Larva Labs: "CryptoPunk #9998" (Sold for $529.77 Million) ...
  2. Pak: "The Merge" (Sold for $91.8 Million) (The Actual Top-Selling NFT) ...
  3. Beeple: "Everydays: the First 5000 Days" (Sold for $69.44 Million) ...
  4. Pak x Assange: "Clock" (Sold for $52.7 Million) ...
  5. Beeple: "HUMAN ONE" (Sold for $28.9 Million)
5 Jul 2022

Can I sell Midjourney art as NFT? ›

You develop a unique style that “only you” are able to create using Midjourney's tools, and you decide to sell them, whether as NFTs, prints or what have you.

Can I use wombo dream art as NFT? ›

Can I use Wombo Dream art as NFT? Yes, you can. Wombo Dream can be used to buy prints of your artwork, mint them as NFT, or share them with your network, among other things.

Can you sell AI-generated art from Wonder? ›

Yes, you can sell the art generated by their AI models. AI-generated art is one of the fastest-growing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). So, anyone can create art using AI and sell it as an NFT on various marketplaces.

Does Starryai cost? ›

And why does it have to cost? I can understand charging maybe a one time fee of $5 for the entire app unlimited but why $12/month ($144/year)?? There's only so much you can do with this app and only so many things you can think of to have the ai generate.

Is DALL-E free? ›

DALL-E Is Now Freely Available to All Humans. OpenAI also announced that it is testing an API that would allow develops to build on top of the A.I. system. The DALLE 2 logo seen displayed on a smartphone.

Can anyone use DALL-E 2? ›

The makers of the AI art generator have just opened access to allow anyone to use DALL. E 2 to generate images. The platform remains in beta, but finally there's no more waiting list. DALL-E 2 sign up is now open to all.

How do you make a NFT generator? ›

How to create NFT art for free with no-code NFT Builder?
  1. Choose a Design template. Select from the plethora of NFT design templates Appy Pie NFT Generator offers or create your own according to your own needs.
  2. Customize your NFT. ...
  3. Export and sell your NFT.
23 Aug 2022

Is NFT inator free? ›

Zero upfront fees.

NFT-Inator is completely free to use.

How do I create an NFT collection in Photoshop? ›

You don't “create” NFT files per se. What you need to do is create a JPEG image in Photoshop, then export it into OpenSea or other minting platforms to turn it into an NFT.

What is AutoMinter? ›

AutoMinter is a decentralised public utility owned by users with the $AMR token. Creators will soon be able to earn $AMR by using AutoMinter. Read Our Vision. Fully Featured.

How many layers do I need for 10000 NFTs? ›

To make 10,000 NFTs, you need 10 layers with 4 variations each. Of course, it will be very difficult to combine 10,000 images manually. Therefore, you will need NFT-Generator to do so.

How do you make a 10k NFT collection? ›

What you'll learn
  1. Understand the basics of the NFT space.
  2. Programmatically create Images & Metadatas.
  3. Upload your Images & Metadatas on IPFS.
  4. Read and write a Smart Contract.
  5. Deploy a Smart Contract on Ethereum or Polygon.
  6. Register your NFT collection on OpenSea.

Is NFT generator legit? ›

Yes, NFT Generator Pad is 100% legit and safe to use.

How do I create a NFT image? ›

How to Create NFT Art Work?
  1. Click the button "Create NFT Now".
  2. Upload your image, choose the art effect you prefer.
  3. Apply the style to your image and then automatically make your image into an NFT.
  4. Download NFT artwork.

How do I make NFT collection for free? ›

Step-by-step guide
  1. Go to Rarible.com, connect your wallet.
  2. Click “Create” and fill in all the information about your future NFT as usual.
  3. Choose “Free minting” option.
  4. Click “create item” and sign free authorizations with your wallet.
  5. Voila! You're all set.

What are traits in NFTs? ›

Traits of Non-Fungible Tokens

Non fungible tokens are just blockchain-based digital tokens providing representation for unique assets. The unique assets could include artwork, media, or digital content. Most important of all, NFTs could be an irreversible digital certificate of ownership for a specific asset.

How many traits does 10000 NFTs have? ›

1 Custom base design and generate 100 (with 10 different traits) 1000 (with 32 different traits) or 10000+ (with 100 different traits) NFTs for your store on OpenSea or any other platforms.

How do I make a NFT collection without coding? ›

You can use the NFT collection generator to easily create an NFT collection. There is no need to code anything to generate NFT. All you need to do is use the no code NFT collection generator.

How many pieces should be in an NFT collection? ›

As the name implies, an NFT collection is basically a unique collection of NFTs. The unspoken convention is that most NFT collections span between 5,000 and 10,000 tokens, featuring variations of the same design that make some much rarer than others.

Is NFT minting random? ›

Are popular crypto influencers also looking at the collection? However, a lot of it also comes down to luck — as the NFTs you mint are randomly generated, you may end up with an NFT that is either rare or more common.

What is an NFT Minter? ›

By Samuel Becker · September 09, 2022 · 5 minute read. We're here to help! Minting an NFT, or non-fungible token, is publishing a unique digital asset on a blockchain so that it can be bought, sold, and traded.


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