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Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (1)Keith Cook’s research focuses on applying engineering to critical care medicine. This research melds mechanical, chemical, and material science concepts toward the development of artificial and tissue-based lungs, pulmonary drug delivery, and the computational modeling and prevention of coagulation in medical devices.

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Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (2)

Keith Cook

Interim Department Head and Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (3)

Current research projects in his group include thoracic artificial lungs, biofabricated tissue-based lungs, new biomaterial approaches for reducing coagulation at artificial surfaces, and perfluorocarbon emulsions for pulmonary drug delivery. Of note, his laboratory was the first to produce 24-hour, one-week, and 30-day in vivo studies of thoracic artificial lungs, and his group is working on an artificial lung intended as destination therapy for years of respiratory support. Professor Cook currently serves as the Faculty Director of the Bioengineered Organs Initiative at CMU and is a fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering.

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Keith Cook’s research interests include: artificial lungs; hemodynamics; pulmonary drug delivery; liquid ventilation; right ventricular function; and critical care medicine.

  • Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (4)

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    Biofabricated lungs

    Our laboratory works on the fabrication of lungs composed of 100% biological materials. These lungs have a scaffold consisting of collagen I that is then seeded with endothelial cells on the blood channels and epithelial cells on the airways. Current work focuses on optimizing the gas exchange membranes, evaluating their performance, computational lung design, and developing manufacturing methods for a human booster lung.

  • Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (5)

    Destination therapy artificial lungs

    Only a small fraction of patients who need a lung transplant will ever be placed on the waiting list. Thus, our group is developing permanent means of respiratory support for patients with chronic lung disease. To achieve this, we need to expand the useful lifetime of artificial lungs to allow permanent, home-based support. Projects in this area include development of compact, highly biocompatible artificial lungs; various means to slow blood clotting within these devices; and biofabricated, tissue-based lungs.

  • Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (6)

    Pulmonary drug delivery using perfluorocarbon emulsions

    In many lung diseases, direct delivery of inhaled drugs to the lungs is desired, but the diseased airways are blocked by mucus or inflammatory exudates. To overcome this issue, our group emulsifies drugs within perfluorocarbon liquids (PFCs) and delivers these emulsions to the lungs. When instilled in the lung, PFC emulsions penetrate down to the alveolar level, wash out harmful fluids, open airways, provide normal or even enhanced gas exchange, and hasten lung recovery. Current applications include severe respiratory infections and acute lung injury.

  • Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (7)

    Blood-biomaterial interactions: surface coatings, pharmaceuticals, and modeling

    Blood begins to clot instantly whenever it touches an artificial material. Over time, this causes failure of numerous blood bearing medical devices, including catheters, grafts, and various artificial organs. Our group works to develop various approaches to passivate biomaterial surfaces in these devices and thus slow coagulation, but without using systemic anticoagulants that can cause bleeding. We are currently exploring the use of zwitterionic surface coatings, surface nitric oxide flux, and highly selective inhibitors of the intrinsic branch of the coagulation cascade.

  • Research team

    Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (8)

    Erica Comber


    Research interests
    Biofabrication of tissue-engineered lungs for long-term, respiratory support

    Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (9)

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    Yeahwa Hong


    Research interests
    permanent artificial lung support

    Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (10)

    Cecilia Padilla


    Research interests
    biofabricated lungs

    Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (11)

    Suji Shin


    Research interests
    Destination therapy artificial lungs; surface coatings and systemic anticoagulation to prevent clot formation; preclinical research with chronic sheep model

    Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (12)

    Tianyu Chen


    Research interests
    artificial kidney redesign

    Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (13)

    Lukas DiBeneditto


    Research interests
    temporary liver support using artificial lung technologies

    Cook Cardiopulmonary Engineering Group (14)

    Zhou Fang


    Research interests
    liver defatting optimization using organdies


    2018 - Present

    (Video) WakeTV - August/September 2017
    • Orizondo RA, Nelson DL, Fabiilli ML, Cook KE. Effects of fluorosurfactant structure and concentration on drug availability and biocompatibility in water-in-perfluorocarbon emulsions for pulmonary drug delivery. Journal of Colloid and Polymer Science, 295 (12): 2413–2422, 2017.
    • Nelson DL, Zhao Y, Fabiilli ML, Cook KE. In vitro evaluation of lysophosphatidic acid delivery via perfluorocarbon emulsions to enhance alveolar epithelial repair. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 169: 411-417, 2018.
    • Comber EM, Palchesko RN, Nga WH, Ren X, Cook KE. De Novo Lung Biofabrication: Clinical Need, Construction Methods, and Design Strategy. Translational Research (formerly J.Lab.Clin.Med.) 211:1-18, 2019.
    • Lai A, Demarest C, Do-Nguyen C, Ukita R, Skoog DJ, Carleton NM, Amoako KA, Montoya JP, Cook KE. 72-hour in vivo evaluation of nitric oxide generating artificial lung gas exchange fibers in sheep. Acta Biomaterialia 90: 122-131, 2019.
    • Ukita R, Wu K, Lin X, Carleton NM, Naito N, Lai A, Do-Nguyen C, Demarest CT, Jiang S, Cook KE. Zwitterionic poly-carboxybetaine coating reduces artificial lung thrombosis in sheep and rabbits. ACTA Biomaterialia 92: 71-81, 2019.
    • Belanger A, Decarmine A, Jiang S, Cook K, Amoako KA. Evaluating the Effect of Shear Stress on Graft-To Zwitterionic Polycarboxybetaine Coating Stability Using a Flow Cell. Langmuir 35:1984-1988, 2019.
    • Ukita R, Potkay JA, Khanafer K, Cook KE. Advancing front oxygen transfer model for the design of microchannel artificial lungs. ASAIO Journal 66(9):1054-1062, 2020.
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    • Ukita R, Tipograf Y, Tumen A, Donocoff R, Stokes JW, Foley NM, Talackine J, Cardwell NL, Rosenzweig EB, Cook KE, Bacchetta M. Left Pulmonary Artery Ligation and Chronic Pulmonary Artery Banding Model for Inducing Right Ventricular — Pulmonary Hypertension in Sheep, ASAIO J. 67, e44-e48, 2021.
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    • R. Ukita, Y. Tipograf, A. Tumen, R. Donocoff, J.W. Stokes, N.M. Foley, J. Talackine, N.L. Cardwell, E.B. Rosenzweig, K.E. Cook, M. Bacchetta. Progression toward decompensated right ventricular failure in the ovine pulmonary hypertension model, ASAIO J, accepted.
    • Umei N, Lai A, Miller J, Shin S, Roberts K, AI-Qatarneh S, Ichiba S, Sakamoto A, Cook KE. Establishment and evaluation of a rat model of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) thrombosis using a 3D-printed mock-oxygenator. Journal of Translational Medicine, accepted.

    2012 - 2017

    • Schewe RE, Khanafer KM, Orizondo RA, Cook KE. Thoracic artificial lung impedance studies using computational fluid dynamics and in vitro models. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 40: 628-36, 2012.
    • Pohlmann JR, Akay B, Camboni D, Koch KL, Mervak BM, Cook KE. A low mortality model of chronic pulmonary hypertension in sheep. Journal of Surgical Research 175, 44–48, 2012.
    • Chkourko HS, Guerrero-Serna G, Lin X, Dawish N, Pohlmann JR, Cook KE, Martens JR, Rothenberg E, Mussa H, Delmar M. Remodeling of mechanical junctions and of microtubule-associated proteins accompany cardiac connexin43 lateralization. Heart Rhythm 9: 1133-1140. 2012
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    2007 - 2011

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    Prior to 2007

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    Media mentions

    CMU Engineering Grant boosts respiratory support for lung disease patients

    An interdisciplinary team led by Keith Cook has been awarded $8.7 million dollars from the U.S. Army to create and integrate new technologies to sustain permanent at-home artificial lung support.

    US Army CDMRP

    Army grant bolsters ongoing artificialorgan research

    BME’s Keith Cook, Jana Kainerstorfer, and Howie Choset, along with colleagues at Vanderbilt University and Cornell University, have been awarded an $8.7 million grant from theUS Army CDMRP program. The group is working to create and integrate technologies that enable artificial lungs to transition from temporary support in the ICU to permanent support at home.

    CMU Engineering CMU and Mayo Clinic to collaborate on transplant innovation

    Mayo Clinic and Carnegie Mellon University announced today a research agreement to transform organ transplantation. The institutions will bioengineer innovative approaches to address current barriers in organ transplantation.

    CMU Engineering Keith Cook named head of Biomedical Engineering

    Keith Cook has been selected to be the next head of the Biomedical Engineering Department (BME) at Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering. The appointment takes effect immediately.

    (Video) Hut Lung: A Poignant Portrait

    See More Mentions

    U.S. Department of Defense

    Army grant to fund development of PAS system

    BME Interim Head Keith Cook has been awarded a $1.45 million grant from the U.S. Army Congressionally Directed Medical Research programs to develop a pulmonary assist system (PAS) to support military veterans and other patients with long-term, incurable lung disease for a period of months to years.

    CMU Engineering Exploring silk’s full potential

    Rosalyn Abbott’s latest biomaterials research investigates the use of non-invasive, therapeutic ultrasound to trigger and adjust silk scaffold degradation post-implantation.

    CMU Engineering Hitting a home run for artificial organ research

    Biomedical Engineering’s Keith Cook has discovered a novel anticoagulation strategy to keep artificial lung devices from failing due to clot formation, without creating any negative side effects.


    Cook featured about “RoboVentilator”

    BME’sKeith Cookwas featured inVentureBeaton work to create a low-cost, modular ventilator. Lead by SCS’s Howie Choset, the “RoboVentilator” will help meet the high demand for ventilators exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, in preparation for possible future respiratory disease outbreaks.

    the Bioengineered Organs Initiative Researchers donate equipment to Allegheny County Health Department

    Personal protective equipment generally used in laboratories will aid front-line responders fighting COVID-19.

    the Bioengineered Organs Initiative Scott and Ng win cardiovascular award

    BME Ph.D. students Jacqueline Scott and Wai Hoe Ng won awards for presenting research at AHA’s 28th Annual Fellows Research Day.

    Ph.D. students win cardiovascular award

    BME Ph.D. students Jacqueline Scott and Wai Hoe Ng won awards for presenting research at AHA’s 28th Annual Fellows Research Day on January 17. Scott won first in clinical, and Ng won second in basic.

    CMU Engineering Creating lungs “from scratch”

    There are many ways to make a lung. With so many possible approaches, where do you even start? CMU Ph.D. student Erica Comber has the answer.

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