Dates of JEE (Main) 2023 announced by NTA, exams to be conducted in two session now (2023)

Dates of JEE (Main) 2023 announced by NTA, exams to be conducted in two session now (1)

The JEE (Main) 2023 will be conducted in two sessions: Session 1 (January 2023) and Session 2 (April 2023) as announced by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for the academic year 2023–24.

English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu would be among the 13 languages used for the JEE (Main) – 2023 examination, according to a notice released by NTA.

The NTA statement stated that “Online application form submission from 15 December 2022 to 12 January 2023 and session 1 exam will be performed on 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, and 30 January” while session 2 exam date will be released later on the website.

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) (Main), according to a release from NTA, consists of two papers. Undergraduate engineering programmes (B.E./B. Tech) at NITS, IIITs, other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs), and Institutions/Universities funded/recognized by participating State Governments are admitted through Paper 1 (B.E./B.Tech).

Check out the details of JEE Main 2023 Exam

Submission of online application form15 December 2022 to 12 January 2023
(up to 09:00PM)
Last date for online application form12 January 2023 (up to 11:50PM)
City of Examination announcement datesSecond week of January 2023
JEE main 2023 admit card downloadThird week of January 2023
Date of Examination24,25,27,28,29,30 and 31 January 2023
Centre, date and shift As mentioned in Admit card
Answer KeysTo be announced later on the website
JEE main 2023 result dateTo be announced later on the website

Additionally, it serves as an eligibility test for JEE (Advanced), which is held for IIT admission. For entry into the country’s B. Arch and B. Planning programmes, Paper 2 is administered.

Best books for JEE Main: Physics, Chemistry, And Mathematics

  • NCERT Textbook

One thing that is strongly recommended is that students prepare using NCERT textbooks. Toppers endorse NCERT as the finest book for JEE Main. If you are truly a JEE aspirant, then you would know that ignoring NCERT is a huge mistake. NCERT is the foundation for these exams since they cover everything and consist of enormous information. It is highly recommended by all teachers and JEE toppers. Thus, each and every line of NCERT must be clear and embedded in your mind to know the concepts better

  • NCERT At Your Fingertips

As we mentioned in the point above, each and every line of NCERT is important. NCERT At Your Fingertips is just the book for that purpose as it has over 100 MCQs from every line of NCERT and provides deep learning. It has MCQs pulled out from NCERT, NCERT Exemplar, previous years papers, along with practice papers, and model test papers. The book is a bestseller on every ecommerce platform and has been referred by teachers and lakhs of JEE toppers and aspirants as a jewel for JEE exam preparation. It has over 8000 5-star ratings and reviews on amazon alone. You can’t miss out on this book for extensive knowledge.

Dates of JEE (Main) 2023 announced by NTA, exams to be conducted in two session now (2)

Dates of JEE (Main) 2023 announced by NTA, exams to be conducted in two session now (3)

  • JEE Champion

While preparing for exams like JEE Mains, everyone understands that an all-encompassing preparation is needed. Meaning? As you are a student, you know you want to gain knowledge and preparation that can crack any engineering exam all over India. Thus, imagine having a book that would prepare you with questions that ever came across in any engineering exam in all over India. Feeling powerful yet? MTG’s JEE Champion is that book! It comes separately for each subject and aims to fulfil its name, which is to make you a JEE Champion. JEE Champion is a book designed for JEE aspirants to prepare better with the knowledge of topic importance within a chapter. It familiarizes all the JEE aspirants with a wide variety of questions frequently asked in various engineering entrance exams. It covers 10 years’ of questions of all the major engineering exams. Students can understand the changing pattern of questions asked and can gain mastery over questions asked during exams.

Dates of JEE (Main) 2023 announced by NTA, exams to be conducted in two session now (4)

Dates of JEE (Main) 2023 announced by NTA, exams to be conducted in two session now (5)Also Check5 Helpful Tips By JEE Toppers To Crack JEE Mains In The First Attempt!

  • Rank Up Physics

Digging a good foundation in physics and learning everything deeply is very crucial, wouldn’t you agree? MTG’s Rank Up Physics for JEE Main & Advanced is a Physics book series comprising 5 books. The series is created by Physics experts to ensure that a JEE (M+A) aspirant can cover the Physics syllabus of JEE exam from all dimensions. The book is an excellent companion for students who wish to learn physics from scratch. The series contains physics books for Mechanics (Volume 1 & 2), Waves & Thermodynamics, Optics & Modern Physics, Electricity & Magnetism which is authored by Akhil Tewari, an IIT graduate. His books highlight concepts in a way that ditches traditional methods of learning and welcomes newer ways that truly make students fall in love with the subjects they are studying. He has 15+ years of experience being an educator specializing in Physics. However, having graduated from IIT (BHU), his bestselling book has been referred to by many students nationwide to master Physics concepts and ace the JEE Main & Advanced exams.

Dates of JEE (Main) 2023 announced by NTA, exams to be conducted in two session now (6)

  • JEE Main Guide

This series has separate books for physics, chemistry, and mathematics. MTG JEE Main Physics is the best book for JEE Main exam based on latest pattern. The book comprises of detailed theory with illustrations followed by Self check MCQs. Chapterwise MCQs and Numerical Value Questions with Hints and explanation are included for better understanding. The books share an extra perk with solved JEE Main Archives. 3 Mock test papers with 30 questions each based on latest pattern of JEE Main are added to nurture your preparation. This revised edition gives exclusive access to Online Mock Test so that a buyer can get a complete package to prepare for the exam and write the exam with full confidence.

  • 21 Years JEE Main

Imagine having 20 years worth of experience for JEE Main? That is what you’ll get with this series of Physics, chemistry, and mathematics books. MTG’s 21 Years JEE Main Chapterwise Topicwise Solutions Physics is the best question bank having questions fromthe past 21 yearsof JEE Main Physics (2021-2013) & AIEEE (2012-2002) which are segregated Chapterwise Topicwise. The Book consists of all the questions for the students aspiring for engineering entrance exams in 2023. It is a complete package of all the Offline and Online Papers. Thus, when you’re done with the book, you will have 21 years-worth of JEE experience in your mind with all solutions.

  • 10 Very Similar JEE Main

To get that last hatchet of preparation and put final touch to your hard work, this book by MTG is perfect! “10 Very Similar Practice Tests” for students appearing in JEE Main 2020. This book has been designed according to the latest changes introduced in the paper pattern of JEE Main 2020 by NTA. The total number of MCQs in JEE Main 2020 question paper are reduced from 30 questions to 20 questions. Additionally, 5 numerical value answer type questions are added for each Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. All these changes have been reflected in this book. All 10 model test papers of the book are designed on the latest paper pattern of JEE Main introduced by NTA. Each model test paper or practice test of the book contains 60 MCQs with 15 numerical value type questions. After every practice test, OMR sheet is given to practice OMR filling and mark your answers as main exam. At the end of the book hint and explanation of all the practice set is given to check and rectify the errors made during paper solving. So, practice a complete set of 10 question paper sets to self-analyze JEE Main exam preparation.

Dates of JEE (Main) 2023 announced by NTA, exams to be conducted in two session now (11)

Dates of JEE (Main) 2023 announced by NTA, exams to be conducted in two session now (12)

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you have all those great JEE main preparation tips by JEE toppers and these best JEE exam books, nothing could stop you. You must enquire and buy what you find suitable for yourself.

All the best and waste no time as the first session is just around the corner.

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