Discount Contact Lenses Review: Products & Brand Reputation (2023)

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Discount Contacts, or, is an online retailer with a wide selection of brands. They claim to be easier on the wallet than their competitors in the online contact lens space.

Find out more about their offerings and the pros and cons of ordering your lenses from them.

This online retailer offers over 40 brands of contact lenses and a large range of solutions, cases, vitamins, supplements, and dry eye treatments.

The company claims to have lower prices and more transparent overall pricing compared with other sites.

Discount Contacts pros and cons

Pros of Discount Contacts

  • wide range of contact brand options
  • transparent pricing
  • simple and easy-to-navigate site
  • generous return policy and straightforward returns process

Cons of Discount Contacts

  • have to spend $99 to get free shipping
  • no offering for eyeglasses
  • doesn’t take insurance

Who is Discount Contacts for?

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Discount Contacts is a good option if you’re looking for inexpensive contacts from various brands. Their website is straightforward and easy to use, perfect for those that value simple navigation. Additionally, their return policy is excellent for those that want flexibility.

Shipping is also free, which is a selling point for many prospective customers. Discount Contacts does not offer eyeglasses, though. So if you want a one-stop shop for contacts and glasses, you should look elsewhere. Insurance is also not accepted, a potential dealbreaker if you prefer to go through your insurance.

Customers with a valid prescription of any strength can browse a variety of brands and contact lens types, including Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, and CooperVision.

In addition to the usual selection of disposable lenses, including dailies, weeklies, and monthlies, Discount Contacts offers specialty lenses, such as:

In the site’s “Eye Care” section, they offer red eye and dry eye treatments, skin care, solutions, and other eye care products.

Though they don’t offer eyeglasses, they provide a link to their sister site,

GET STARTED WITH Discount Contacts

Price depends on both the brand and the type of contact lenses you need.

Dailies are typically higher than monthlies, but that doesn’t take the cost of solution and storage cases into account. A typical box of dailies (which includes 30 lenses) can range from $30 to $45. Some specialty lenses can run even higher than that.

They have a policy of showing the prices at the top of the page without any hidden fees. They offer free shipping on all orders over $99, so it pays to order in bulk.

Does Discount Contacts take insurance?

Discount Contacts is an out-of-network provider for most insurance plans, but you can fill out the provided reimbursement form to submit to your insurance.

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Remember that if you have one, you can use your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) to purchase your contacts.

Before you search online, you’ll want to visit your doctor or eye care professional to get an updated prescription and to find the best contact lens fit for your eyes.

Discount Contacts has straightforward navigation that you can use to drill down to the brand and type of lens you’re looking for. Each product page has a description of the product, plus reviews and ratings from customers.

You can choose how much supply you want — a 1-, 3-, or 6-month supply — before flowing through their checkout. You can add your prescription or ask them to contact your doctor for your prescription on your behalf.

A physical copy of your prescription can speed up the ordering process but isn’t entirely necessary. The customer service team can contact your doctor for you, but you’ll need to have that contact information handy.

By law, you will have to order the brand of contact lenses that your doctor wrote on your prescription, but if that brand has a generic alternative, the Discount Contacts customer service team may help you locate it.

You’ll also want to visit your doctor or eye care professional regularly to maintain the health of your eyes and keep your prescription current.

Getting your order

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According to the company, 98 percent of all U.S. orders arrive within 7 to 10 days. You can track the status of your order by logging into your account dashboard. Most customers reported a quick, reliable shipping experience. claims one of the friendliest return policies in the online optical industry, and customer reviews on the site back this up.

Customers can return items up to 365 days from the ship date.

Contact the customer service team, who will issue a free return shipping label. Within 5 days of receiving, they’ll credit the original account or send a replacement, depending on your needs.

Many customers reported quick returns with no questions asked.

Generally, the company has a strong reputation with solid customer reviews. Though the reviews on the site should be taken with a grain of salt, the people who left them had very positive things to say. The company’s Trustpilot rating was not quite as glowing, sitting at just 2.1.

On the positive end, customers reported lower prices than quoted at their eye doctor, fast delivery, and great customer service. On the negative side, some reviewers felt they had been sent defective contacts due to poor product performance.

From well-known retailers with a huge selection, such as 1-800 Contacts, to newcomers with proprietary brands such as Warby Parker, there are other retail options for ordering contacts online.

And of course, you can always order contacts through your eye doctor. You can also have these contacts delivered to you via mail on a subscription basis, too.

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CompanyFree standard shippingGlass or contactsAccepts vision insurance
Discount Contactsorders over $99contactsno
Warby Parkeryesbothyes
1-800 Contactsyescontactsyes

Is it safe to buy contact lenses online?

Yes. However, choosing a reputable retailer is important. Look for one that offers free returns and warranties as a precaution. The retailer should also require a current eye prescription to purchase contacts online.

Can cheap contacts damage your eyes?

Wearing cheap contacts can cause eye damage. Because of low quality materials, the contacts may not let as much oxygen reach your eyes as needed. This damage is even more likely if you misuse your contacts by wearing them too long or sleeping in them.

Is it OK to wear contacts every day?

Yes. Regardless of what type of contacts you choose, you can wear them daily. However, some exceptions do apply and should be taken into consideration. For example, if you:

  • notice general eye redness, dryness, or irritation
  • experience an allergy to your contact lenses
  • have an eye infection

It’s also important to clean your contacts according to the brand’s instructions and not to wear them for longer than recommended. For example, you can throw away daily contacts every night, but you can wear monthly contacts daily for a month.

Generally, Discount Contacts is a comprehensive, no-fuss source for your contact lenses. If you’re looking for better, more transparent pricing and don’t care much about free shipping or working with your vision insurance, then could be a good way to go.

When ordering contact lenses online from any retailer, check that the product you receive is the right prescription and type. You’ll also want to check the expiration date and be sure the packaging is intact.

Get started with Discount Contacts

Interested in trying Discount Contacts? We can help!

Start with their straightforward navigation to find the brand and type of lens you're looking for. Then, input your updated prescription information.

Shop now

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Is discount lens legit? ›

In fact, the brand enjoys an A accreditation rating from BBB with a 4.52 customer rating across 292 reviews. On TrustPilot, over 700 reviews rate the company 4.5 stars. People praise the customer service, fast shipping, and ease of ordering.

Which brand is best for eye contact lenses? ›

Best Contact Lens Brands
  • Acuvue. The Acuvue® brand is among the most highly recommended and top-selling contact lens brands. ...
  • Dailies. The DAILIES® brand is another top contact lens brand worth looking into when deciding on the right lens. ...
  • Air Optix. ...
  • Biofinity. ...
  • SofLens.
18 Jul 2022

Is buying contact lenses online safe? ›

Many online vendors are safe and secure, but it's important to make sure the company from which you order your contact lenses is reputable. Search the web for customer reviews and experiences, and browse the company website for signs of credibility.

Which lens brand is the cheapest? ›

The best cheap lenses in 2022
  1. Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM. This tiny DSLR lens comes with a tiny price, but it's actually rather good. ...
  2. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM. ...
  3. Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 STM. ...
  4. Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8G. ...
  5. Nikon AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8G. ...
  6. Fujifilm XC 35mm f/2. ...
  7. Olympus 9mm f/8 Fisheye Body Cap. ...
  8. SLR Magic 26mm f/1.4 Toy.
13 Jun 2022

Are different brands of contact lenses the same? ›

Contact lenses may seem like they are the same - simple pieces of plastic that correct your vision. However, there are several differences that can play a key role in the fitting your unique eyes. Different brands make contact lenses that vary in everything from material to shape to recommended replacement schedule.

Which is better Acuvue or dailies? ›

Dailies Total 1 is considered a better lens than Acuvue Oasys 1-Day with HydraLuxe when it comes to oxygen transmissibility. This lens also has a higher water content which increases to 80% at the outermost surface.

Which contact lenses last the longest? ›

Disposable lenses will generally last between one day to one month, while hard lenses (RGP and PMMA) can last up to one year or longer. You can start using contact lenses right away with approval and a prescription from your eye doctor.

Is Bausch and Lomb a good brand? ›

Bausch & Lomb is one of the most respected eye health care brands. Baush & Lomb not only offer contact lenses for vision but offers a wide range of coloured contacts made entirely for aesthetic pleasure.

Do contact lens brands matter? ›

Both measurements are important and can really affect how comfortable a contact feels. Different brands are made with different base curves and diameters, which is why your eye care provider selects one for you during an exam.

Who is the largest contact lens manufacturer? ›

1. Johnson & Johnson|Maker of Acuvue lenses brand.

What is the best contact website? ›

Here Are the Best Online Contacts in 2022
  • Best selection: GlassesUSA.
  • Best for daily lenses: Warby Parker.
  • Best for subscriptions: 1-800 Contacts.
  • Best for dry eyes: Hubble Contacts.
  • Best for vision insurance: ContactsDirect.
  • Best for returns:
  • Best value: Walmart Contacts.
19 Aug 2022

Why are lenses cheaper online? ›

Online retailers that sell cheap eyeglasses and sunglasses often say they can offer low prices because they don't have the same expenses associated with a “brick-and-mortar” store, such as the high rent paid in retail shopping areas.

How can I buy safe contact lenses? ›

How to buy contact lenses online
  1. Get an eye exam. ...
  2. Check your contact lens prescription. ...
  3. Be aware contacts and glasses prescriptions are different. ...
  4. Stick to the prescribed brand. ...
  5. Shop around. ...
  6. Ensure you always have contacts and lens care supplies. ...
  7. Check out the seller's reputation. ...
  8. Beware of online eye exams.
27 Feb 2019

How much should I pay for contact lenses? ›

Contact lenses can cost anywhere from $150 to $1,500 a year, depending on the brand, type, and your insurance coverage. Generally, they cost between $20 and $30 a box. Most people with average prescriptions should be able to get a year's worth of contact lenses for $200 to $500.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive lenses? ›

The Contrast and Clarity of an image is what most people will notice right away when comparing a cheap lens to a higher-end lens. Typically the expensive lenses have better coatings both internally and externally. Coatings do a few things, they help reduce light scatter and this can actually help light transmittance.

Which contact lens is best for dry eyes? ›

Scleral lenses are the main type of hard contact lenses that will be recommended if you have severe dry eye. These are designed in such a way that they don't touch the cornea, avoiding any possible irritation and nerve desensitization, which is one cause of dry eyes related to contact lens wear.

Do I have to buy the same brand of contact lenses? ›

Different brands of contact lenses are made from different materials, and just because another brand has a similar base curve and diameter does not mean it will fit the same. Wearing the exact brand that you have been prescribed will help prevent medical problems and allergic reactions to the different materials used.

Is it OK to switch contact lens brands? ›

If you have been fitted by an optometrist or ophthalmologist with the 2 different brands and been prescribed the lenses, then yes, it is safe.

Can I choose my own contact brand? ›

Unfortunately, not. Contact lenses come in different sizes and must be fit to your eye by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.

Are monthlies cheaper than dailies? ›

Monthlies are usually less expensive when compared to dailies, even when you factor in the cost of cleaning solution. It is the cheapest way to wear contact lenses every day and not being reliant on glasses. Some types of monthly lenses can be worn continuously – speak to your provider for more information.

What is the most comfortable contact lens material? ›

Hydrogel material is extremely flexible due to its water content. This flexibility makes hydrogel contact lenses feel soft and comfortable on the wearer compared to rigid lenses. The main hydrogel material used for soft contacts is poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate), usually called poly-HEMA.

Why are dailies better for your eyes? ›

If your eyes are sensitive, you might prefer daily contacts. Due to their higher water content and softer feel, dailies are ideal for those who have sensitive eyes, as long as they can get them in the correct prescription. One reason many people prefer daily contacts is because of their busy lifestyle.

How long should a pair of contact lenses last? ›

The Lifespan of Contact Lenses

Disposable: Disposable contacts are replaced after two weeks of wear. Traditional: Traditional contacts are replaced monthly or quarterly. Gas Permeable/Scleral: With proper care, gas permeable lenses can last for years.

Are you ever too old for contact lenses? ›

Contact lenses are one of many options for correcting vision, but are they a good solution for older adults? They can be. With guidance from an eye doctor, many adults over 60 successfully wear contacts. They're a convenient way to correct your vision.

Which is better Alcon or Bausch and Lomb? ›

Alcon's brand is ranked #803 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Alcon. Their current valuation is $35.36B. Bausch & Lomb's brand is ranked #- in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Bausch & Lomb. Their current valuation is $11.34B.

Is Bausch and Lomb FDA approved? ›

The approval would also mark a significant milestone for Bausch + Lomb, as the company's first FDA approval for a prescription medicine since becoming a publicly traded company earlier this year."

Are Alcon and Acuvue the same company? ›

Founded in 1945, Alcon has grown from a small ophthalmic shop to the second-largest division of Novartis, one of the most successful and respected healthcare companies in the world. Acuvue, under the umbrella of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. is committed to creating life-long solutions to vision care needs.

Which is better Acuvue Oasys or moist? ›

Drawing a comparison, Acuvue Oasys offers better oxygen transmissibility and 1 Day Acuvue Moist retains more water. With regards to special features, 1 Day Acuvue Moist comes with LACREON technology that's inspired by natural tears to retain water in the lens.

Are some contact lenses better than others? ›

If you want the sharpest vision possible, gas permeable contact lenses (also called RGP or GP lenses) usually are the best choice. Because they have a hard, polished surface, they typically have better optical qualities than soft contact lenses.

Why are some contact lenses more expensive? ›

Multifocal lenses will cost more than single vision ones. Higher powered lenses will also cost more. This is especially true if you opt for high-index (ultra-thin) lenses. If your prescription is high, say -8.00, high-index lenses are pretty much necessary to avoid distortion in your vision.

Who makes Costco contact lenses? ›

Costco's Kirkland "Premium Dailies Disposable" or just "Daily Disposable" contact lenses are manufactured by CooperVision. "Kirkland Signature 1-day disposable" lenses are actually CooperVision MyDay one-day disposable contact lenses which are re-branded (or privately labeled) by Kirkland Signature.

Who manufactures Costco contact lenses? ›

Kirkland Signature Premium Daily Disposable 90 PK (Same as MyDay Daily Disposable 90PK) are Daily Disposable contact lenses. They are made of Silicone Hydrogel and are manufactured by CooperVision.

What is the most common contact lens? ›

Soft contacts are the most common type of contact lenses and account for over 85% of contact lenses dispensed. Traditional soft contact lenses consist of soft plastic polymers and water. They allow oxygen to permeate through the lens material to the cornea.

How can you tell if glasses are authentic? ›

Here are some easy ways to spot the difference between real and fake designer sunglasses. Look for the designer logo or name on the retail box. You'll usually also find manufacturer information, and a barcode (or serial code). Double check these with the details in the accompanying brochure and on the sunglasses frame.

What is the cheapest website to buy glasses? ›

Some of the cheapest options for buying prescription glasses online include Zenni Optical, Eyebuydirect, Goggles4U, Liingo Eyewear, Diff Eyewear, Vint and York and Warby Parker. is one of the cheapest places to buy designer prescription eyeglasses from brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada and Persol.

Can contact lenses be counterfeit? ›

Contact lenses are one of the most counterfeited products in the world – and they can be hard to identify if you don't know what to look for.

What is the cheapest way to get prescription glasses? ›

Where to Buy Affordable Eyeglasses
  • Limited time offer: Save 65% off frames for eyeglasses and sunglasses with basic Rx lenses + Free shipping to your doorstep. ...
  • EyeBuyDirect. ...
  • Zenni Optical. ...
  • Warby Parker. ...
  • Eyeconic. ...
  • Eyebobs. ...
  • Costco Optical. ...
  • Sam's Club Optical.

How do you know if a product is real or fake? ›

Look carefully and if it appears flimsy, lacks the brand or logo, has graphics or a name that is similar to but not quite the same, it could be counterfeit. If you are a regular user and have a keen eye, you might be able to spot it in an instant. If not, then visit the brand's official website for a check.

How can you tell the difference between real and fake products? ›

Substandard quality of the product: Counterfeit products tend to have cheap and unoriginal substitutes in place of authentic ones. Used, old or rusted parts in electronic devices, forged leather, slightly changed appearance, apparently pathetic quality material or cloth etc., are suggestive of a fake product.

Why do my Gucci glasses say Gucci P? ›

A: Cuz the lens is polarized. All polarized Gucci shades got these.

How can I save money on lenses? ›

How to Save Money on Contacts and Glasses
  1. Get Regular Eye Exams (the Right Way) ...
  2. Research Vision Insurance and Health Care Benefits. ...
  3. Utilize Your HSA or FSA. ...
  4. Leverage Coupons and Cash-Back Rewards. ...
  5. Buy Contact Lenses in Bulk. ...
  6. Skip Add-Ons You Don't Need. ...
  7. Avoid Designer Brands. ...
  8. Buy Premium Brands for Less.
7 Jun 2022

Why are glasses from Zenni so cheap? ›

Companies like Zenni and Warby Parker are able to sell glasses at much lower prices than many eye doctors and boutiques partly because they only sell their own brands of eyewear. “Most glasses in the U.S. are marked up 10 to 20 times what they cost to manufacture,” said Dave Gilboa, Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO.

Which is better Lenscrafters or visionworks? ›

LensCrafters's brand is ranked #- in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of LensCrafters. Visionworks's brand is ranked #- in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Visionworks.
LensCrafters vs Visionworks.

What are illegal contact lenses? ›

All contact lenses must be prescribed by a doctor, including decorative lenses. Any contact lenses that are not prescribed by a doctor are illegal and could cause you harm.

Are contact lenses the same price everywhere? ›

Costs can vary from brand to brand and for specialty lenses. Contacts designed to treat astigmatism or corneal refractive therapy may cost more than those correcting for myopia.

Can wearing old contact prescription damage eyes? ›

Wearing the Wrong Prescription Long-Term

There isn't a risk of long-term eye damage in most adults with stabilized vision. But, you can still experience symptoms affecting vision and comfort. Wearing a prescription that is too weak or too strong can cause: Blurry vision.

Is Costco glasses cheaper than Walmart? ›

Costco charges $130 for high-definition progressive lenses, which, as with all Costco lenses, include an anti-reflective coating. That's about half what you'd pay at many walk-in stores. But if you need basic, plastic single-vision lenses, you can pay as little as $29 at Walmart, about half as much as at Costco.

Are eyeglasses cheaper at Walmart? ›

Walmart offers some of the cheapest frames available and the lowest lens prices comparable to other retailers. A look at their available frames shows several options under $10. A reasonable variety of options under $30 are available as well for those unhappy with the limited extreme budget options.

Are cheap prescription glasses worth it? ›

Cheaper lenses generally use more common lens materials. They may not be as tailored to your needs as other lens materials, but they still provide clear vision for a fraction of the cost. Generally speaking, the lower the cost of your lenses, the fewer features you have available.


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