The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (2023)

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If you are looking for an incredible selection of music quotes you’re in the right place.

Listening to music can have incredibly soothing effect on us.

It helps us to switch off and relax and forget about everything else.

We have collected the most famous music quotes of all time in this post.

Share these quotes about music with your friends, family, and loved ones so they can enjoy them too.

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Right, let’s jump into this collection of music quotes.

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Top 10 Music Quotes

The easiest way to avoid wrong notes is to never open your mouth and sing. What a mistake that would be.

Pete Seeger
The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (1)

Who hears music feels his solitude peopled at once.

Robert Browning
The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (2)

Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.

Maya Angelou
The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (3)

Music is the tool to express life and all that makes a difference.

Herbie Hancock
The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (4)

There is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require.

Edward Elgar
The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (5)

The only love affair I have ever had was with music.

Maurice Ravel
The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (6)

Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.

Johnny Depp
The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (7)

You are the music while the music lasts.

T.S. Eliot
The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (8)

Music comes from a place we don’t know.

Chris Martin
The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (9)

When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.

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Henry David Thoreau
The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (10)

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More Music Quotes

Music is a safe kind of high. Jimi Hendrix

Music is the emotional life of most people.

Leonard Cohen

Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought. Percy Bysshe Shelley

I adore art… when I am alone with my notes, my heart pounds and the tears stream from my eyes, and my emotion and my joys are too much to bear. Guiseppe Verdi

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (11)

Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn. Charlie Parker

Wake up, live your life and sing the melody of your soul.

Amit Ray

I wanted to prove the sustaining power of music. David Bowie

If music be the food of love, play on. William Shakespeare

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (12)

Music is the color of sound. Unknown

Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Music comes to me more readily than words. Ludwig Van Beethoven

A great song should lift your heart, warm the soul and make you feel good. Colbie Caillat

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (13)

Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies. Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.


Where words fail, music speaks. Hans Christian Andersen

Music has a poetry of its own, and that poetry is called melody. Joshua Logan

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (14)

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence. Robert Fripp

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.

Chinese proverb

Music is like a dream. One that I cannot hear. Ludwig van Beethoven

Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life. Jean Paul Friedrich Richter

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (15)

Bach is an astronomer, discovering the most marvellous stars. Beethoven challenges the universe. I only try to express the soul and the heart of man. Frédéric Chopin

Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.

Ray Charles

People ask me how I make music. I tell them I just step into it. It’s like stepping into a river and joining the flow. Every moment in the river has its song. Michael Jackson

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Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune. Thomas Fuller

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (16)

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. Bob Marley

Mournful and yet grand is the destiny of the artist.

Franz Liszt

I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing. William James

I’ve found that no matter what life throws at me, music softens the blow. Bryce Anderson

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (17)

Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable. Leonard Bernstein

My music will go on forever. Maybe it’s a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever.

Bob Marley

Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman. Ludwig van Beethoven

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. Friedrich Nietzsche

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (18)

Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart. Pablo Casals

As long as we live, there is never enough singing.

Martin Luther

Sometimes I feel like rap music is almost the key to stopping racism. Eminem

If I cannot fly, let me sing. Stephen Sondheim

Music can change the world. Ludwig van Beethoven

Inspirational Music Quotes

If Music is a Place — then Jazz is the City, Folk is the Wilderness, Rock is the Road, Classical is a Temple. Vera Nazarian

Do it again on the next verse and people think you meant it.

Chet Atkins

Music is well said to be the speech of angels. Thomas Carlyle

Music is the strongest form of magic. Marilyn Manson

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (19)

Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art. Claude Debussy

Close your eyes. Listen. Nothing’s missing.

Maxime Lagacé

Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence, and silence is full of music. Marcel Marceau

Play it fuckin’ loud! Bob Dylan

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (20)

My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die. Bob Marley

Some people have lives; some people have music.

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John Green

Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words. Robert G. Ingersoll

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. Ludwig van Beethoven

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (21)

Music is the art of the prophets and the gift of God. Martin Luther

Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.

George Eliot

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. Leopold Stokowski

Music is what tell us that the human race is greater than we realize. Napoleon Bonaparte

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (22)

To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts such is the duty of the artist. Robert Schumann

How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?

Jane Swan

Music drives you. It wakes you up, it gets you pumping. And, at the end of the day, the correct tune will chill you down. Dimebag Darrell

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. Confucius

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (23)

I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears. Adele

Music is the soundtrack of your life.

Dick Clark

Music is the only thing I’ve ever known that doesn’t have any rules at all. Josh Homme

Music is… a higher revelation than all wisdom & philosophy. Ludwig van Beethoven

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (24)

Where words leave off, music begins. Heinrich Heine

I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.

John Cage

Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory. Oscar Wilde

Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music. Sergei Rachmaninoff

My job has very little to do with music. It has more to do with taste and culture and balance. Rick Rubin

I Love Music Quotes

My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require. Edward Elgar

The musician is perhaps the most modest of animals, but he is also the proudest.

Erik Satie

I haven’t understood a bar of music in my life, but I have felt it. Igor Stravinsky

I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues. Duke Ellington

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (25)

The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Music brings a warm glow to my vision, thawing mind and muscle from their endless wintering.

Haruki Murakami

Music is my religion. Jimi Hendrix

If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know. Louis Armstrong

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (26)

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. Victor Hugo

Music is the universal language of mankind.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Life is a song. Love is the music. Unknown

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. Lao Tzu

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (27)

Without music, life would be a mistake. Friedrich Nietzsche

Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Music is an outburst of the soul. Frederick Delius

A creative artist works on his next composition because he was not satisfied with his previous one. Dmitri Shostakovich

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (28)

To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music? Michael Jackson

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

Aldous Huxley

Music… can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable. Leonard Bernstein

Music is a great natural high and a great natural escape. Shania Twain

The 100 Most Famous Music Quotes Of All Time (29)

Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway. Emory Austin

The world’s most famous and popular language is music.


Music — what a powerful instrument, what a mighty weapon! Maria August von Trapp

Jazz is not just music, it’s a way of life, it’s a way of being, a way of thinking. Nina Simone

To Sum Up

Hopefully you have enjoyed this big list of music quotes.

There are lots to motivate and inspire you every day.

I’d love to know which music quotes are your favourites.

Drop them in the comments below.


What is Beethoven's famous quote? ›

Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind, but which mankind cannot comprehend.

Why is music so powerful quote? ›

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” “Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.”

What is the most iconic line ever? ›

Famous Movie Quotes
  • “ May the Force be with you.” - Star Wars, 1977.
  • “ There's no place like home.” - The Wizard of Oz, 1939.
  • “ I'm the king of the world!” - ...
  • “ Carpe diem. ...
  • “ Elementary, my dear Watson.” - ...
  • “ It's alive! ...
  • “ My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. ...
  • “ I'll be back.” -
21 Sept 2018

What is Elvis famous quote? ›

Don't criticize what you don't understand, son. You never walked in that man's shoes.” - Elvis often used this adaptation of a well-known quotation.

What was Maya Angelou's favorite quote? ›

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

What was Freddie Mercury's famous quote? ›

I always knew I was a star. And now, the rest of the world seems to agree with me.” 2. “I like to be surrounded by splendid things.”

What Shakespeare says about music? ›

If music be the food of love, play on; Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die.

What is a good slogan for music? ›

Creative Music Slogans
  • Let the music move you.
  • Music is a language that doesnt speak in particular words. ...
  • Play the music, not the instrument.
  • Music fills life with beauty.
  • Music is a way of living.
  • Share the music with others!
  • Let the music take control!
  • Music: it feels like freedom.
22 Jun 2022

What does the Bible say about music? ›

Music is used to teach the gospel. The apostle Paul wrote to the saints: “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace …” (Col. 3:16), and “making melody in your heart to the Lord” (Eph. 5:19).

Why music is for life? ›

Music can transform the emotions and feelings of the people within no time. It can lessen the stress, pain, struggle, distraction and bring positivity and calmness in our daily life. Music holds the power to bring people together in different ways.

Who invented music? ›

The short answer is: No one knows who invented music. No historical evidence exists to tell us exactly who sang the first song, or whistled the first tune, or made the first rhythmic sounds that resembled what we know today as music. But researchers do know it happened thousands of years ago.

What are famous lines? ›

  • "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." Gone with the Wind (1939) ...
  • "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." The Godfather (1972) ...
  • "You don't understand! I coulda had class. ...
  • "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." The Wizard of Oz (1939) ...
  • "Here's looking at you, kid."

What are some 3 word quotes? ›

110 Memorable Three-Word Quotes That Are Short And Sweet
  • “I'll be there.”
  • “I love you.”
  • “Maybe you're right.”
  • “I trust you.”
  • “Go for it.”
  • “Got your back.”
  • “How are you?”
  • “I want you.”
21 Mar 2022

What is the strongest short quote? ›

Every moment is a fresh beginning. – T.S Eliot. Never regret anything that made you smile. – Mark Twain.

What is Lincoln's most famous quote? ›

I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.”

What is Mark Twain most famous quote? ›

  • "Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it."
  • "An uneasy conscience is a hair in the mouth."
  • "When in doubt‚ tell the truth."
  • "If you tell truth you don't have to remember anything."

What quotes did Bob Marley say? ›

Bob Marley Quotes On Life That Will Inspire You
  • “ And no matter what game they play. ...
  • “ Live for yourself and you will live in vain; Live for others, and you will live again.” – ...
  • “ Tell the children the truth.” – ...
  • “ The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. ...

What is Cleopatra famous quote? ›

My honour was not yielded but conquered merely.” — Cleopatra.

What is Rihanna's famous quote? ›

You may never be good enough for everybody, but you will always be the best for somebody. It's tougher to be vulnerable than to actually be tough.

What was Napoleon's favorite quote? ›

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily. History is a set of lies agreed upon.

What is Emily Dickinson most famous quote? ›

1. “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all.

What is Amanda Gorman famous quote? ›

There is always light. If only we're brave enough to see it. If only we're brave enough to be it.

What is Dr Seuss most famous quote? ›

Seuss' most inspiring quotes.
  • "Today you are You, that is truer than true. ...
  • "You're off to Great Places! ...
  • "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. ...
  • "Think left and think right and think low and think high. ...
  • "You'll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut." ― Dr.
6 Mar 2020

What is a quote Billie Jean King said? ›

A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning. Champions keep playing until they get it right. I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.

What quote did Roger Williams say? ›

No man ever did, nor ever shall, truly go forth to convert the nations, nor to prophesy in the present state of witnesses against Antichrist, but by the gracious inspiration and instigation of the Holy Spirit of God.

What was William Morris famous quote? ›

'Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be beautiful or believe to be useful' - William Morris.

What did Oscar Wilde say about music? ›

Oscar Wilde: "Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory."

What Plato said about music? ›

Plato said that “music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything”.

What Dumbledore says about music? ›

Music creates unity among peoples, cultures and nations. Music can touch the soul, making it our universal means of communication. Is this what Dumbledore means when he defines music as "a magic beyond all we do here"?

What is the catchiest slogan? ›

Famous catchy slogan examples
  • De Beers “A Diamond is Forever.” ...
  • Dunkin Donuts “America Runs on Dunkin.” ...
  • Mastercard “There Are Some Things Money Can't Buy. ...
  • KFC “Finger-Lickin' Good.” ...
  • Bounty “Quicker Picker Upper.” ...
  • Disney “Happiest Place on Earth.” ...
  • Maybelline “Maybe She's Born With It… Maybe It's Maybelline.”
31 Mar 2021

What is Spotify's catchphrase? ›

Not sure if Spotify's for you? It is. As their tagline says, it's “Music for everyone.” Can't afford a premium subscription? No problem; you can still listen for free, albeit with some ads.

What music means to God? ›

Music is made first of all to the Lord and only secondarily to each other. Music should communicate and express a sense of awe and wonder in the presence of God; it should lead our thoughts toward God rather than toward ourselves.

Is music the language of God? ›

“god is love, and music is the language of love; therefore, music is the language of god. music is a language more profound than words.

Why is music so powerful? ›

Music is all around us intersecting our lives, regulating our moods and bringing good vibes to those who are listening. It raises your mood, bringing excitement, or calming you down. It allows us to feel all the emotions that we experience in our lives.

Can humans live without music? ›

Besides music reflects the mood and emotions of people. We can say that music is an art of special emotional power. We cannot live without it. We like to listen to music, we love dancing to music, we can play musical instruments.

What is the true meaning of music? ›

an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.

How can music affect your brain? ›

It provides a total brain workout. Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

Who made the 1st song? ›

“Hurrian Hymn No. 6” is considered the world's earliest melody, but the oldest musical composition to have survived in its entirety is a first century A.D. Greek tune known as the “Seikilos Epitaph.” The song was found engraved on an ancient marble column used to mark a woman's gravesite in Turkey.

Who invented rap? ›

One of the first rappers at the beginning of the hip hop period, at the end of the 1970s, was also hip hop's first DJ, DJ Kool Herc. Herc, a Jamaican immigrant, started delivering simple raps at his parties, which some claim were inspired by the Jamaican tradition of toasting.

Who was the first musician? ›

Answer and Explanation: The first musician in the Bible was Jubal, the son of Lamech. In Genesis 4:21, he is described as 'the father of all who play stringed instruments and pipes'. He was the one who first created music that was played on instruments.

What is Taylor Swift's famous quote? ›

I never want to change so much that people can't recognize me.” “Just be yourself, there is no one better.” “It's hard to fight when the fight ain't fair.” “Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together.

What is a quote Billie Eilish has said? ›

I've always done whatever I want and always been exactly who I am.” 16. “I'm gonna make what I want to make, and other people are gonna like what they're gonna like. It doesn't really matter.”

What was Maya Angelou's famous quote? ›

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."

What is Selena Gomez quote? ›

Always be yourself, there's no one better!” “You have every right to a beautiful life.” “Everything happens for a reason and, something better will come along for me!”

What is Bruce Lee's best quote? ›

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

What did Marilyn Monroe quote? ›

"Sometimes things fall apart, so that better things can fall together." "A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none." "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

Who was Billie Eilish biggest crush? ›

Billie Eilish recently named Sarah Michelle Gellar as her celebrity crush, and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer revealed that the shout-out earned her major street cred with her teenage daughter Charlotte.

What is Billie Jean King quotes? ›

Billie Jean King > Quotes
  • “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” ...
  • “Tennis taught me so many lessons in life. ...
  • “Sometimes you have to be satisfied. ...
  • “Be bold if you are going to make an error make a doozy.” ...
  • “Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility.”

What is PT Barnum's most famous quote? ›

"There's a sucker born every minute" is a phrase closely associated with P. T. Barnum, an American showman of the mid-19th century, although there is no evidence that he actually said it. Early examples of its use are found among gamblers and confidence tricksters.

What is Louis Armstrong most famous quote? ›

"If I don't practice for a day, I know it. If I don't practice for two days, the critics know it. And if I don't practice for three days, the public knows it."

What is a quote by Michael Jackson? ›

Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation.” “Just doing as well as you did last time is not good enough.” “Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. The truth will win this marathon in court.”

What is the most powerful quote? ›

21 of the World's Most Powerful Quotes Updated For Today
  • “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Gandhi. ...
  • “Everybody is a genius. ...
  • “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” — George Bernhard Shaw.
8 Jan 2018


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